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Even soulmates fight sometimes. The cold wars in a marriage can be overcome and even give way to a stronger union when both participants are willing to forgive. But too many times, the question is not a matter of petty resentment and grudges, but a matter of safety. Whether you’re going through domestic violence or abuse, there’s no need to feel helpless. With the right assistance, escaping your current situation is possible. Law Offices of Catherine M Byrne offers divorce attorney services. If you or someone you know is in trouble, contact us and enlist the proper help today.

Being separated from one’s trusted set of parents or guardians, or watching them part ways can be some of the most intense and distressing events for a child. Whatever the ordeal involves, things should be arranged in the best possible interests of the child. Carrying out the proper steps to protect our children can be challenging, especially if the foundations we used to know seem to be shifting all around us. And in such times of trial, it’s essential to enlist proper assistance. Law Offices of Catherine M Byrne provides child custody attorney services to help. Contact us today.

When two people in a marriage part ways, the event is often a matter of heartbreak not just for the divorcers, but particularly for the child. And we must protect our children from further similar heartbreak as much as possible. Part of doing that is to arrange matters of visitation well. Whenever visitation rights are discussed, people usually are going through intense shifts in life, and tensions are high. Enlisting a professional visitation attorney who is both tactful and compassionate is key. Law Offices of Catherine M Byrne serves visitation attorney needs to help that process be smooth. Contact us today!